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If you have ever wanted a Home Based Business take a look at the below opportunity. You can get involved with this for NO OUT OF POCKET EXPENSE, YES ZERO COST TO YOU, “EVER”, we the ‘Builders’ will pay for your entry into this Home Based Business, [Pay It Forward]. Take a look! ♦♦♦♦

How many times have you joined a business and wished you could have your family members or close friends who have no idea about networking, join you?  Because as much as they would also enjoy having a homebased business…they just couldn’t or wouldn’t sponsor or had no friends who would be interested.

Well…now you all can have a Happy New Year because not only is there a business opportunity for them, it comes with a great product line that helps everyone to get Financially Fit!  Oh, and it doesn’t have to cost them a dime to join!  And there is no requirement for them to sponsor or recruit!

something big

We are a team of leaders who have done well in our online, home-based business, Financial Fitness Club (FFC).  Now we are ready to build our team huge in 2014!

Here’s our plan:  We will have a maximum of 300 people who will be BUILDERS.  They will join us in Financial Fitness Club at a one-time cost of $50.  At that time, they will also start sending, via PayPal, $25/month to be part of the BUILDERS CO-OP.  What is this?  Read on…

Every month we will Pay It Forward (PIF) for new members to join FFC, filling our team matrix left-to-right.  If we start out with 100 BUILDERS, then we’ll bring in 50 new PIF’d members immediately and then at least 50 new members every month!

working together

The BUILDERS are not concerned with the PIF’d people sponsoring, recruiting, etc.  The BUILDERS are buildingBUILDERS are putting their own resources out every month to build the team.

The beauty of this is that every person who is at least 18 years old can join us by signing up to be a BUILDER or through our Pay It Forward option or as a regular member.

In the past “team builds” eventually always required everyone to sponsor or bring people to the table.  Many people could not or would not do that and the team builds slow down and eventually fade away.

That will not happen with ours!  We, who are BUILDERS, will be putting our money on the line every month to PIF new people into our team from the bottom up!  This is truly the DREAM TEAM BUILD.  Can you see the BIG picture?!

Therefore, you have a decision to make & three options if you’re interested:

 time for action

1) BUILDER, $75 by Jan. 30, 2014 ($50 to join FFC & $25 for first month’s co-op)    **Builders Offer is now CLOSED**

2) Get on the PAY IT FORWARD list [free entry paid for by the builders], or

3) Should you prefer to join us by paying your own way, $50 one-time to join FFC and not paying the $25/mo., click here;

Any choice you make is fine with us.

im free♦♦♦ Please note:  If you want FREE ENTRY [Pay It Forward] to this opportunity simply send an email to with your name & email address & put “Free Entry FFC”  in the subject line.

To Your Success Jimbo 🙂

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